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Keyflow Stay Cool®

Keyflow Stay Cool®

Stay Cool® is a non heating muesli with cool calorie sources used to provide sustained, slow release energy. This sophisticated blend has highly digestible ingredients and digestive support making it an excellent choice for horses in all types of work.


Unique and Highly Digestible Ingredients
Pre-digestive technologies enable maximum digestibility, making it easier for horses and ponies to get the most out of Stay Cool™ without affecting temperament.

Added Protexin Digestive Support
Exceptional digestive support from Protexin probiotics and prebiotics, encourages a healthy hind gut environment by increasing the population of beneficial bacteria.

Quality Proteins
EQ Complete Amino Acid Profile: It will become clear that your horse is in great health once you start feeding Stay Cool™ and notice coat shine, muscle tone and improved body condition. This is due to the careful balance of vitamins and chelated minerals and other high quality ingredients such as, EQ-Complete™ amino pack, delivering specific proteins. Muscle function support is provided by beetroots high levels of antioxidants and natural nitrate.

Cool calorie sources are used to provide sustained, slow release energy. Premium quality cold pressed oils are included to elevate the omega 3, contributing to overall health and wellbeing, coat condition and shine.