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Soils can break down over time, losing the ability to retain water while also running low on nutrients. If you're not starting the season with new soil, use Miracle-Gro Refresh Soil Revitalizer to help replenish, renew, and restore many of the essential soil components your plants need to thrive. Application is easy: spread a thin layer over existing soil (see package instructions for amount), then lightly work it in. Follow that by adding your plants, then watering to activate the revitalizing elements. This season, bring new life* to old soil, and give new or established plants a strong start with Miracle-Gro Refresh Soil Revitalizer.

Worm Manure 100%. Worm Castings, Organic Compost, Vermicompost.

  • Manufacturer: Scotts

With Scotts® Turf Builder® Starter® Food for New Grass, your seedlings will benefit from a combination of nutrients that will satisfy their special needs. The Starter® Food gives new grass a quick start by promoting faster root and blade development, and the 24-25-4 fertilizer ratio providing nutrients for your developing lawn. New grass grows 70% thicker AND 35% quicker versus unfed grass, which will have you on your way to the lawn you’ve always wanted. Faster.

  • Manufacturer: McEnroe Organic Farm

McEnroe’s Organic Potting Soil is fortified with quick releasing, organic nutrients and minerals to create an ideal rooting environment for developing plants. McEnroe’s Organic Potting Soil is our original formula and ideal for soil blocks, potting seedlings, transplanting, and amending garden beds.

Espoma Organic Seed Starting Mix is a rich, premium blend of sphagnum peat moss, peat humus and perlite that has been enriched with Myco-tone®.

Black Gold Seedling Mix. Highly refined, organic seedling mix. Ideal for root growth for newly germinated seedlings. Contains low salt and is fine, yet porous. Water retentive and has an organic wetting agent to ensure uniform water penetration. Contains Resilience. May improve resistance to wilting. OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed.

Our nutrient-rich blend of peat moss, earthworm castings, compost and perlite/pumice is great for indoor and outdoor container plantings. It provides superior moisture retention, excellent drainage and is specially formulated with a controlled release fertilizer that feeds plants for up to six months. This product contains RESiLIENCE®, which may improve resistance to wilting. Ideal for all container plantings, indoors and out.

  • UPC: 032247507837
  • SKU: 10203026
Miracle-Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix is a lightweight mix of sphagnum peat moss and perlite. This potting mix makes it ideal for germinating seeds and rooting leaf, stem and root cuttings. Then with the enriching nutrients of Miracle-Gro plant food within the mix your plants will get a great start to building strong roots. 25 lb. Bag.

  • SKU: 10209180
Feeds plants up to 3 months with Miracle Gro Continuous release plant food.

  • UPC: 032247435239
  • SKU: 10209183
Feeds plants up to 3 months with Miracle Gro Continuous release plant food.

  • UPC: 032247435130
  • SKU: 10209182
Feeds plants up to 3 months with Miracle Gro Continuous release plant food.

  • UPC: 032247267830
  • SKU: 10203033
Specially formulated for African Violets with a slightly acidic pH. Premium blend of sphagnum peat moss and perlite. Enriched with Miracle-Gro Plant Food for healthy plants and blooms. Feeds instantly for a fast, vigorous start to help build strong root systems.

  • UPC: 756637291563
  • SKU: 10215421
  • Model Number: 50150106

For all Indoor and Outdoor plants and containers. Nourishes plants and supports their growth.

  • UPC: 073561730785
  • SKU: 10207115
Fast draining formula which is enriched with Miracle Gro Plant Food.

  • UPC: 756637291587
  • SKU: 10215423
  • Model Number: 50150108

Prepares soil for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Balanced and fortified to yield a bounty of nutritious and delicious produce.

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