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  • Manufacturer: St. Gabriel Organics

St. Gabriel Organics BurnOut II Fast Acting Weed & Grass Killer 24oz.

  • Manufacturer: St. Gabriel Organics

Milky Spore is a One Time application using only one teaspoonful every 4 feet in a checker board pattern on your lawn, or use the Lawn and Garden Dispenser. Apply anytime the ground is not frozen. Ten year performance quarantee on the Japanese Beetle Grub (Can last up to twenty years). Not harmful to man, animals or the environment, safe to use around water ways. Kills the grub stage of the Japanese Beetle. Natural bacteria eats the grub from the inside. Does not harm beneficial insects.

  • Manufacturer: St. Gabriel Organics

Insect dust controls ants, ticks, fleas, cockroaches, earwigs, palmetto bugs and soft body crawling insects. Kills crawling insects buy cutting into exoskeleton and dehydrates them. Keeps killing insects for nine months. DE Insect Dust can be used indoors and outdoors. All natural ingredients (made from FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth). The DE Insect Dust is not harmful to humans, pets or the environment.

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