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Keyflow Pink Mash®

Keyflow Pink Mash®

Pink Mash® is the class leading soaked fiber feed designed to nurture and support hindgut microbiome health. With super-fiber, beetroot, micronized linseed, prebiotics and concentrated Protexin® probiotics, this highly palatable and versatile mash is economical and highly effective.


Suitable for Horses & Ponies
Natural Antioxidants
The goodness of beetroot and linseed provides natural antioxidants and quality Omega 3.

World Renowned Probiotics
World renowned Protexin probiotics and prebiotics support and stabilise the microbial balance in the hind gut, by improving the population of beneficial bacteria.

Low Sugar and Starch
This non-heating, highly palatable mash is ideal for providing a significant source of highly digestible fibre for easyier keeper types, veterans requiring a partial hay replacer, horses and ponies prone to digestive disturbances including gastric ulcers, colic, loose droppings, hind gut acidosis and those requiring seasonal digestive support.